Job and Career Opportunities

The PhD program will train professionals in archaeological, artistic and architectural heritage to achieve high-level scientific profiles fitting, but not limited to, the following positions:

  • University Teachers and Researchers
  • Curators for national and local institutions dealing with preservation and fruition of historic heritage (in Italy: Ministry of Culture, regional authorities, city councils and catholic dioceses).
  • Researchers in public and private scientific and cultural institutions
  • Museum Curators and Educators
  • Exhibitions Coordinators
  • Archaeologists, including specialists in Numismatics, Archaeometry and Project Managers in Preventive Archaeology
  • Specialists in Technical Art History
  • Experts in cultural dissemination of archaeological, artistical and architectural research
  • Experts in Digital Humanities for Archaeology, Art History
  • Art Publication Editors
  • Cultural Mediators and Managers in both private and public sectors
  • Art and Culture Consultants
  • Managers in Cultural and Sustainable Tourism
  • Art Market Experts and professionals for private art galleries and auction houses
  • Art and Culture Journalists