Educational Project

The PhD programme in Archaeology and Art History is designed to train students in humanistic areas concerning archaeological, artistic, and cultural heritage from prehistory to contemporary age, taking advantage of the whole range of opportunities of Digital Humanities. The PhD educational programme will provide specific insights in these topics:

  • Historical, social, and anthropological role of material culture and artistic production, as well as its political, ideological, and religious use.
  • City and territory in a landscape perspective.
  • Survival, revival, and reuse of antiquities in post-antiquity, medieval and modern times.
  • Continuity, discontinuity, and transformation of material, architectural and artistic expressions.
  • Patronage, collecting, museology and art market.
  • Textual sources, art literature critic and historiography.

In the first two years, students will attend courses and lectures at an advanced level, along with workshops and conferences. They will also participate in the activities of Department’s research laboratories and excavation projects. The lectures will be delivered by scholars from the Department of Human Studies (DSU) at the University of Naples Federico II (UNINA), as well as by guest experts. In the third year, the students will focus on finalising their research and writing their dissertation, according to the highest academic standards.

Admission Requirements

MA or other specialistic degrees, as well as any degree awarded in accordance with the previous didactic regulations, the legal course of which lasted at least four years, issued by an Italian university, or of a degree declared equivalent, or of a suitable degree awarded by a foreign university.


The examination will involve a comparative assessment of the candidates, their knowledge and aptitude for scientific research on the basis of an evaluation of their qualifications, a research project, their knowledge of English and an oral interview.